Cupertino Judo Tournament and Taishi Judo Club

Cupertino Judo Tournament

Hello everyone, today (Sunday March 25) was the Cupertino Judo Tournament.  They had a record number of competitors, over 450, and over 200 were kids under 12.

Our club had 3 students compete, Lilly, Zach,  Cole.

This was Lilly’s first major tournament. Her competitor was much bigger than her. Lilly lost to her the first match by Wazari. In their second bout, Lilly managed to throw her by left osotogari for an Ippon.  Lilly was countered and lost her third match, but took 2nd Place.

Zachary had 3 matches winning 2 by Ippon using Osaekome, and lost his last match by counter.  He came in 2nd Place.

Cole was the first to compete, he had a 5 person pool.  After his first 4 matches Cole was in a 3 way tie for 3rd place.  To determine 3rd place he had to fight 2 of the boys he had lost to earlier. He won his first re-match by an ippon. In his second match he had the opportunity use his newest technique he learned just last week, Tani otoshi, a rear sacrifice throw.  He executed it perfectly getting an Ippon. He ended the tournament in 3rd Place.


Congratulation to all of our students who competed at the Cupertino Judo Tournament!


Taishi Judo Club

This past weekend (Sunday March 25) while our students were competing in Cupertino, Kai from our Club competed in a tournament held by Taishi Judo Club in southern California.

Kai took 1st Place in this tournament winning all of his matches.  Congratulations!


Congratulation to all of our judocas who are competing. We hope to have more at the coming competitions!

Sensei Henry