70th San Jose Buddhist Judo Tournament – February 11th 2018

This year at the 70th San Jose Buddhist Judo Tournament, there were 746 competitors from all over the country, including a small team from Mexico. There were 11 Judoka’s representing DeLeon Judo Club. Our members club did really well with 5 First Places, 2 Second Places, and one 4th place.

Regan, as a first time competitor, took second winning 3 matches by Ippon and losing one match.

Jett, in a pool of 6 competitors including Cody went undefeated to take 1st.

Cody, albeit having a 2 month hiatus, gave his all which is what I look for an expect from all our students.

Cole took 4th in a pool of 6 competitors. I have really seen a big improvement in just 2 competitions from Cole, great job.

Devon was unfortunately required to withdraw.

Jonah, one of our top competitors, had one of his toughest competitions and fought valiantly.

Noemi, went undefeated in a pool of 4 winning all of her matches with Ippon and taking 1st.

Kai went undefeated in 4 matches winning them all by Ippon and taking 1st.

Miako showed her skills competing in a pool of 6 competitors. She ended up taking 2nd Place.

Sakiko beat her opponent two times with an Ippon earning her 1st Place.

Zach, while being in a pool of 4 evenly matched competitors, was able to secure 1st Place.


Thank you to Sensei Davin and Chris and a special thank you to Courtney who is becoming one of our Assistant Instructors and Coach.