CCSF Tournament 12/2014

We had three students compete at the CCSF tournament on December 7, 2014.

Jack – Pool of 4, well matched in size and age, white-yellow belts. Jack has recently returned to the dojo after being gone for a while, this was his first tournament in quite some time. In his first match, he threw his opponent for yuko, finished with osae komi for the win. His second match was a real battle. It was very evenly matched, with Jack scoring a yuko, and really dominating the mat work. His opponent managed to throw him twice for a couple of wazaris. His third match, the opponent used strength, and threw Jack for ippon. Jack finished in 3rd place, but showed some really good skill out there!

Kendall – Pool of 3. This was a fun pool. All three were again evenly matched, she had to play against each girl twice. Kendall’s first match was very rough first match. It went the full 2:30, and Kendall lost by a shido, which was the only score of the match. The second match, she threw her opponent with o soto gari, for a wazari. Eventually, Kendall was thrown with tai otoshi for ippon, but it was a hard-earned throw. In her third match, Kendall escaped a pin, allowing only a yuko, once again going the full 2:30. In her 4th match, she was thrown for ippon. She finished in 3rd place.  We heard several comments from other coaches/refs who said she’s going to be really good!

Courtney – Pool of 3, Courtney has competed against these girls before. Once again, four matches. Her first match was tough, losing in a pin for ippon. Her second match, Courtney had a beautiful o soto gari counter for ippon! This was a 10 second match. Third match, she lost again, thrown and pinned. Final match, she once again countered for yuko, then a pin for the win! Courtney finished in 2nd place.

All three of our competitors did very well, especially considering the lack of competition experience, and they made us proud!