2014 Winter Nationals

Waiting in the stands for pools to be called.
Waiting in the stands for pools to be called.

This past weekend Deleon Judo Club had 6 competitors go to the Winter Nationals. There was a record 700+ competitors, the biggest ever in the 9 years of this event. This made for a long day. The first competitor from our club did not start until 4 pm, 8 hours of waiting.

Alessia went undefeated taking FIRST place. She dominated all her competitors, throwing or pinning all 3 matches for an Ippon.

Brigitte came in SECOND place, losing only one match.

Colton was in a pool of 10 competitors for a double elimination bracket. He won his first couple of matches, losing in the semi finals, so went into the secondary bracket where he won everyone else. He fought one more time for the Finals, losing once again to the same guy, taking SECOND place.

Sterling won 2 of his three matches to take FIRST Place.

Russell won 1 of his three matches coming in SECOND place.

Heiko ended up with an injury in his first match which forced him to not continue in the competition.

Overall our club was well represented and the competitors and parents who were able to attend got a chance to hang out and get to know each other better. We are looking forward to next year!