Golden State Championship Point Tournament

This past weekend, August 16-17, was the Golden State Championship tournament in Pasadena, Calfornia. DeLeon Judo Club had 9 competitors who brought home 12 Trophies: 7 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze.

In addition to this, DeLeon Judo Club took 8th among all the Judo Clubs competing.

Syaza competed in the Novice Division where she took Silver, 2nd Place. She lost her first match, but came back strong to win her second match.

Makani also competed in the Novice Division and took Bronze, 3rd Place. Although he lost his first 3 matches, he came back to win his last match.

Chayton competed in both the Intermediate 1 and Novice Division, went undefeated in both divisions to take Gold, 1st Place, in both divisions.

Thomas competed in both the Intermediate 1 and Novice Divisions. In the Intermediate Division he took Bronze, 3rd Place, and in the Novice division went undefeated to take Gold, 1st Place.

Aiyana competed in both Juvenile A and the Novice Division. She did not place in the Juvenile division, but went undefeated in the Novice Division to take Gold, 1st Place.

McLaren competed in the Juvenile A division. He was uncontested so he came home with Gold, 1st Place.

Brigitte competed in the “Juvenile A division and was also uncontested. She was awarded the Gold, 1st Place.

Alessia competed in Juvenile B division where she took Silver, 2nd Place. She had to compete against a Black Belt who has experience in International competition.

Tik competed in the Senior Division and in the Senior Novice Division. She took Silver in the Senior division and Gold in the Novice division.

Because this was a point tournament by USA Judo, those Juniors competing in the Non-Novice divisions earned points for their National Ranking. Those who now are ranked Nationally are:

Alessia Garcia 12th , Brigitte Mihalca 8th, McLaren Shattuck 11th, Thomas Johnson 13th, and Chayton Johnson 9th.