April 2014 CCSF Tournament

Sunday, April 13 2014 was the City College S.F. Tournament. Deleon Judo Club had 7 competitors competing in this tournament. Normally this is a well attended tournament, but for some reason there was a low turn out, so the pools were smaller than usual.

Makani had 4 in his pool, he lost his first throw, although he threw himself more than getting thrown, he fell on his back. But he came back winning his next two matches. His second match was less than 10 seconds. He came in 2nd Place.

Syaza won her first two matches and lost her third match just by a Yuko. Then she won her final match to come in 1st Place.

Tommy was in a pool of 3, winning his first match by Ippon, but lost his other matches. His final match he went into a throw, missed, turned around and fell on his back, for a loss. Because others in his group did not do so well, he ended up in a tie for 2nd Place.

Chayton was in a pool of 4 competitors, he won all his matches for Ippon taking 1st Place.

Aiyana, won her first match with Wazari and osaekome, then lost her next two matches coming in 3rd Place.

Colton was in a pool of 4 competitors. He had an off day, unusual for him for he normally does very well in all his tournaments. He came in 3rd Place.

Tik fought in 2 pools as they needed her to help out in another pool. In her first pool she fought 2 girls beating them both with Ippon to take 1st Place. In her second pool she won two matches and lost two matches to a young girl who has many years of experience, a national competitor. Tik took 2nd Place in this pool.

Sensei Brenda represented our club as a Referee at the tournament.