Erika Mihalca Takes Top Honors in National Competition

Our own Erika Mihalca competed in several national level competitions during the summer of 2012. Due to her performance in these competitions, she moved to 2nd place ranking in the nation for her weight division and she isn’t done yet! The summer began in May at the CJI State Championship whereErika took First place in the IJF division.  Two weeks later at the USA Judo Presidents Cup in Irvine, Calif. Erika took 2nd place in the IJF -63kg division.  This put Erika on the 5th on theNational Roster, IJF division. 

The following month was the beginning of 3 major Jr. National Tournaments through out the country.  First it was the USJA/USJF Jr.Nationals in Spokane, Washington.  HereErika went undefeated to take 1st Place in the IJF -63kg division.

Erika then went on to Irvine, Texas to the Jr. Olympics Championship.  On Saturday she competed in the IJF -63kg division where she was ranked second in the competition.  She went to defeat all her opponents by Ippon where she met the number one ranked fighter in her division.  She fought extremely well lasting the entire match time, losing to her only by a Yuko.  Sunday Erika fought at the IJF International division and won all of her matches again only to face the numbe one girl in her division.  Erika lost to her and when she came off the mat it was obvious that Erika was injured.

We then went to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the USA Jr. Open Nationals.  Prior to the competition Erika went to see the Doctor and on Friday found out that she had a torn miniscus on her left knee.  She was not able to compete on Sunday.

The wins placed Erika in the Number 2 ranking in the IJF -63kg in the nation.  The International training coach for the USA has expressed interest in Erika and with her 2nd place ranking she may be invited to compete in many International competitions.