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Erika Mihalca Promoted to Shodan

Erika Mihalca began Judo in November of 2007.  She was a quick learner and became skillfull in Judo within months of beginning Judo.  In January just 2 months after starting Judo she took 1st place in our Club tournament and

East Bay Judo Institute Tournament 2012

The East Bay Judo Institute tournament at El Cerrito H.S.was held on Sunday, Sept 9, 2012.  We had 5 of our students compete. They all did very well. It was one of the first times competing for 3 of them.

Camp Bushido 2012

Camp Bushido 2012 was held at Old Oak Ranch outside of Sonora, CA Sierra foothills.  There were 55 judoka and jujituska in attendance for the five day camp coming from as far away as Alaska, Southern California, and Arizona.  DeLeon

Erika Mihalca Takes Top Honors in National Competition

Our own Erika Mihalca competed in several national level competitions during the summer of 2012. Due to her performance in these competitions, she moved to 2nd place ranking in the nation for her weight division and she isn’t done yet!

DeLeon Judo Hosts Shintaro Nakano Clinic #3

DeLeon Judo Club was the host to an excellent clinic by Shintaro Nakano, 4th Dan, a member of the Japanese National Team, 6 time National Champion and an Olympic medalist who is currently guest instructor at San Jose State University.

November 2011 Promotions

Congratulations to the DeLeon Judo Club members who recently were promoted. Henry Kaku was promoted to Yondan (4th degree black belt). Darren Reyes was promoted to Ikkyu (1st degree brown belt). Amy Strech was promoted to Shodan (1st degree brown

May 2011 Promotions

Congratulations to the DeLeon Judo Club members who recently were promoted. Davin Tillman was promoted to Nidan (2nd degree black belt). Carl Hallberg was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt). Both of them studied for months preparing for the

Our First Developmental Shiai and Referee Certification Clinic

A small judo club sponsored a referee clinic and the first North Bay Developmental Shiai in Petaluma, CA on the weekend of August 29, 2009.  As the newest club to join the USJF Central Coast Yudanshakai (CENCO), DeLeon Judo Club

Referee Certifications

DeLeon Judo Club hosted a referee and certification clinic the weekend of August 29. There were 19 attendees from many local dojos. As a result a hearty congratulations should be extended to the members of DeLeon Judo Club who successfully

Recent Promotions

Congratulations to the many DeLeon Judo Club members who recently were promoted. Sensei Henry Kaku was promoted to Sandan by CENCO. Jason Sotelo and Ron Willits earned their Shodan. Vincenzo Bigattini earned a junior yellow/white. Danah Hassoun earned her yellow/white